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    August 29, 2023


    Realise Training, the MBO supported by the Enact II Fund, has undergone a successful Ofsted inspection between 11th and 14th July. The report, which was published on Friday 25th August graded Realise as ‘Good’ overall.

    The apprenticeships and adult education training provider was assessed across six areas including quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, leadership and management, personal development, adult learning programmes and apprenticeships and was graded as good in each individual area.

    The report highlighted that ‘Learners and apprentices benefit from welcoming and respectful environments where they feel valued as individuals and which are conducive to learning. They develop positive professional relationships with their trainers, who support and motivate them to strive highly and achieve.’

    ‘Leaders develop their curriculum carefully to ensure that it is ambitious and career- focused, targeting areas of local and national skills shortages, such as early years and passenger transport. They design their curriculum with integrity, with a focus on social mobility.’

    ‘Leaders have successfully established a positive culture in which staff feel valued, involved and proud to be part of the organisation.’

    ‘Leaders and managers sustain strong, positive relationships with the wide range of employers on their apprenticeship programmes, working closely with them to ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of employers.’

    Paul Denvers, Partner in Enact, says: “The team at Realise have always had a focus and passion for delivering educational quality and great learner experiences. They outlined this vision when we first met them in 2020.

    “It has been fantastic to partner with the team and to support them in developing this vision into a culture that now encompasses the whole organisation resulting in it being a great place to work, learn and achieve. We were delighted these aspects of the business were highlighted in the Ofsted report.

    “It has been a very complementary partnership over the last three years and we have been delighted to use our experience in acquiring businesses deemed non-core by larger corporates to create a platform for growth that the team and the business continue to deliver from.”

    Realise received investment from Endless Enact Fund II in October 2020 and has continued to grow since. This growth has been accelerated in the last 12 months following two strategic acquisitions in the early years training sector – FW Solutions Limited and Training Plus Limited.

    Gregg Scott, CEO of Realise, adds: “It’s been a fantastic 2023 in every sense. A number of contract bid wins have enabled us to grow as an organisation while we are delighted an increasing number of employers and learners are turning to us to meet their training provision needs.

    “The excellent Ofsted report we have received is testament to the outstanding work of all our people who work tirelessly to ensure we are constantly delivering on our ‘right learner, right programme’ ethos.

    “The business as a whole is in a very healthy position and we continue to invest strategically to support future development. We have a long-term vision and we are making strides towards that goal, with almost 450 employees and 10,000 learners a year now on board. The future is extremely bright.”

    For more information, visit https://realisetraining.com/


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