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    December 12, 2023

    Meet The Team – Ovie Iroro

    Meet Ovie Iroro in our latest “Meet the Team” spotlight. As our ESG Manager, Ovie plays a crucial role in guiding our company’s ethical and sustainable practices.

    How Long have you been at Endless?

    I’m Ovie Iroro, the ESG Manager at Endless and I joined Endless in 2022

    Tell us a bit about your role at Endless.

    My role at Endless has two key components, firstly developing the overall ESG strategy for Endless LLP, focused on our approach to our investments, reporting and improving our performance.

    My other focus area is providing advice and guidance to our portfolio companies, giving them the necessary tools to track and improve their ESG performance and maximise the value to their businesses.

    What do you enjoy most about working at Endless?

    The best part of working at Endless is the sheer variety of companies within the portfolio, which presents unique challenges and constant learning opportunities.

    What are your interests outside of work?

    My favourite thing to do is race cars and go karts and once represented Nigeria.


    Ovie’s journey at our company reflects the rich and diverse experiences that define our team. His adept handling of ESG responsibilities, paired with his thrilling adventures in car and go-kart racing, is a testament to the multifaceted talents within our organisation. Keep an eye out for more inspiring stories in our #meettheteam series


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