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    May 1, 2023

    Garry Wilson looks ahead at his year as BVCA Chair

    As the BVCA starts to celebrate 40 years representing our industry I am honoured and excited to be taking on the role of Chair. Over the next year I will be entirely focused on telling our amazing story to everyone our industry touches – politicians, regulators, journalists, the business community and indeed the general public. If we all do that successfully then there are long-term benefits for us all and we can protect Britain’s status as the best place for venture capital and private equity on this side of the Atlantic.

    We have so many positive things to talk about. We need to educate others on where our money comes from, for example pension schemes, charitable foundations, universities and family offices. We have so many incredible investment stories on how our Venture and PE firms have sustainably improved businesses all over the world and in so doing delivered consistently better returns than almost every other asset class. We touch many people’s lives all across the country through our businesses and are having a huge positive impact on the economy. Thankfully the BVCA have an excellent research team and are using that research to produce top class reports on exactly these matters. Michael Moore and his team are well connected in the media and politics and now, in the BVCA’s 40th year, they need help from those of us on the front line to demystify and promote our industry. The benefits from improving our reputation further can be incredible for all of us and bring an even better investing environment for all of our firms.

    I would like to thank Charlie Troup of Duke Street for everything that he has done at the BVCA in his year as Chair. I have witnessed at first hand the really positive impact he has had on the organisation and the support he has given Michael and the BVCA team.

    We are lucky to have a well-established and high performing organisation and every week it amazes me how much they do to represent, promote and protect the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry here in the UK.

    Now then….let’s tell our story.


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