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    February 7, 2024

    Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week with Enact’s Realise: Building Future Talent Through Apprenticeships

    In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, observed from February 5th to 11th, Realise, a prominent entity within the Enact portfolio, has taken a significant stride in spotlighting the pivotal role of apprenticeships in shaping the workforce of the future. This initiative underscores the intrinsic value of apprenticeships in not only cultivating skilled professionals but also in enhancing the operational capacity and innovation potential of businesses.

    Realise has proudly announced the inception of new collaborations with First Bus and Ashbourne Day Nurseries, adding to its illustrious roster of partnerships, which includes esteemed organizations like Jardine Motors Group and Springfield Healthcare. These strategic alliances exemplify Realise’s dedication to fostering a learning environment that bridges the gap between ambitious individuals and their career aspirations, thereby contributing to the broader narrative of skill development and vocational excellence.

    The theme #SkillsforLife has been chosen to capture the essence of this year’s celebrations, highlighting the transformative experiences of apprentices who have traversed the journey of professional development with Realise. These stories are not just tales of personal triumph but also serve as beacons of inspiration, showcasing the comprehensive benefits that apprenticeship programs offer in terms of skill acquisition, career progression, and personal growth.

    Gregg Scott, CEO of Realise, has articulated a compelling vision for National Apprenticeship Week, emphasizing the collective efforts of the apprenticeship sector in championing the myriad benefits that these programs offer.

    Work-based learning presents a myriad of opportunities for both individuals seeking to carve out a successful career path and businesses aiming to bolster their growth trajectory, highlighting the tangible impact of apprenticeships on our society and economy is crucial. It’s inspiring to see our apprentices and their employers sharing their success stories with pride on social media, and we anticipate sharing even more achievements as the week progresses.

    Gregg Scott, CEO of Realise

    As the week unfolds, Realise is set to continue its tradition of excellence in apprenticeship advocacy, showcasing the potent blend of strategic partnerships and success stories that embody the #SkillsforLife theme. Through this concerted effort, Realise not only celebrates the achievements of its apprentices and partners but also reinforces the integral role of apprenticeships in building a resilient, skilled, and forward-thinking workforce.

    This observance is more than a ceremonial acknowledgement; it’s a reaffirmation of the enduring commitment to fostering an environment where practical learning and career development converge to create pathways for success, echoing the core values of Realise and the broader vision of Enact.


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